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Life seen from  the door step.

I spent 20 years looking everywhere for the answer. I ended back on my doorstep still lost. Whilst sat there I noticed the joyful smile of a child, a mother's look of concern, a father's eyes full of pride. I saw an old couple walk silently yet in conversation, I saw the assuredeness of teenagers in love. I saw the trees blossom and die, the grass cut and wild flowers spring up, I saw the slow buzzing of bees, and  the hurrying ant. I saw the doves flirting, the sky blue, then grey, and blue again. I felt the warmth of the sun and the cold, the wetness of rain. I sat and I  wondered at the question that id been searching for, why am I here? I realised it is to enjoy and appreciate and be grateful for all the beautifull things before and around me. And i am.

On the death of Capt sir Tom Moore

Capt sir Tom Moore, i am saddend that you leave us. But thank you so much for showing us right till the end how to live. That no matter what youve been through in life, you gave and gave to your fellow humans right till the end.
A lesson in how to live for us all.

On having a Pacemaker

With every repaired heart,
A new life to live.
Another beginning,
And more chance to give......

Opportunities  lessen as the clock does turn.
Be grateful, of the fire inside that still burns.
Enjoy, laugh, love, but do not dwell,
every new beat is to be used well.....

What type of person should I be?

Want a person? Be the person you want.
Want a home? Be the person that is homely.
Want to be loved? Love someone truly first.
Want a fulfilling life? live a life that fullfills others needs.
Everything you want or need is already here.
Your just looking for it in the wrong place.
Take a good look within, reach and don't let go.
It all starts and ends with you.


In the natural world everything takes what it requires and no more. Even animals that hibernate will store only what they need in harsh days to see them through winter. So why is it man needs to store wealth and possessions? What purpose does this have? What real pleasure is there in this? Taking more than you need, it depletes the share from others and enriches no one.

If you must take, why not take somones worries? If you want to earn more, why not earn the joy from sharing ? If its wealth you want to hoard why not accumulate good deeds and fill your heart with thankfulness.  Being truly rich, is not measured by the zeros in your bank, the size of your house or the cars in your drive. it's measured by the happiness thats in you and how you share that to make everyone richer.

A genius does not know, he but posits a theory.  He does not call it the truth, and allows all to challenge him. In being a man of knowledge he  excepts what he may know is not the truth. Thus he retains his position as a scholar in an unending search. Surely to accept such a fate is to know the limits of man. In that, the search for the answer is the key to mankind.

Live a life full of purpose, not achievements.
Measure merits by kindness, not wealth.
Participate by sharing not collecting.
Achieve wisdom through listening not telling.
This is the path to happiness.

On Brexit

The world does seem a bit more scarier today.  We all want to put our collars up huddle down and walk on, staring at the  pavment lost in our solitary thoughts worried how we can go on or what could possibly make it worse.

How about instead, we stand up straight, hold our heads up, and do something today that like a pebble will cause larger and larger ripples, or like the little acorn that grows to be a mighty oak. Instead of worrying do something positive for someone else. Take a stand.

Lets show the haters, the dividers, the racists, the people without compasion there is another way. How? Show some kindness, ring the person or go see a person you haven't seen for a while? open the door for someone, say a sincere thank you to the person behind the till. The least we can try and do is smile. Show love and grattitude. Smiles are infectious, people wonder why? If asked,  Say I have hope, hope in mankind and as long as you are breathing you can share that smile and hope.

Remember after every great disaster there is a new begining. A forest fire will destroy everything, yet after it things grow a new, plants flourish in the light and air they have been given.

So hold on to the hope. Remeber as long as you breath you can make a difference, so smile.

For the children of tomorrow.

Thank you for caring, and voting. dont be despondant and feel you lost, in the end the earth is your to inherit. 

Though us elders, today have had our say, and some of us where led by empty promises of a fogotten time. There are still those of us, who know that in the end, all we  will leave is yours.

Your time is due, do not give up on it, get ready, when it comes  make the land green again, love one another regardelss of your background. Care for those who cant care for themselves, make this place better than we did.

When its your time to leave, or if this situation comes round again and you ware the shoes, think of this time and learn from our mistakes. 

Do not let lies or greed, colour nor creed, wealth or poverty define you. Be defined by what you will leave, a better place for the future.

On rememberance day

You say lest we forget?
But what is it you remember.....

Do you remember that we left our families and loved ones to protect all regardless of your background, social status, health or belief?

Do you remember we readily gave up warm homes.
So you may live without fear, torture, discrimination, or tyranny?

Do you remember we gave up so much not even knowing or caring about your finacial status, or social standing?

Do you really remember that we in our millions actualy died so you may have a better life and live together in peace?

Why is it you only remember? Why do you not live, for the same ideals that we gave up everything for?


Instead of measuring your day by how much you've done. Why not measure your day by what you've done for others.

In order to get more in life, you must give more. Otherwise you'll have no where to put it....

Loss of love
When you have given so much for love.
You must in time stop hurting.
To not do so demeans the value of that love.
For if the hurt is greater than the gift of love.
It can not be truly called love.


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