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How much do you have to do if you self manage your personal budget?

Many personal budget holders often get deterred from running their own packages out of concerns over lack of knowledge in the legal areas. In this post I hope to try and clarify how to deal with and explain some of the issues.  One of the earliest things I learnt is to keep notes, this does not necessarily mean reams of paperwork. Simple record systems are the best. See my blog on managing an electronic records system :   https://haloabletec.blogspot. com/2022/04/design-your-own- online-records-system.html One of the main things you need to ensure is that it is properly documented. These days you do not even have to write it down. I tend to generally tell members of my team first then send them a WhatsApp message. These are recorded and time and date stamped so you do not have subsequent issues. It is also searchable so it is easier to find specific information. If it is a bit longer then I will send a summary conversation and copy over email. More formal records are also carried out v

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