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2022, the year of better conversations

Towards the end of last year, I wrote three blogs, all which with an undertone of the same message…having better conversations.   I spent time over Christmas thinking about this more, and came to the realisation that every misstep, mishap, or wrong turn in my life could have been solved with earlier and better conversations. Too many conversations with my parents, siblings, children, loved ones and friends have gone unsaid. I should have been gentler, more understanding, listened more and judged less.   It also made me think about why it is that we don't have these conversations. Perhaps a look, a quip, or an outright call out. At the times, we may fume, if you’re like me sometime later, you'll even have an internal dialogue with yourself, and replay the conversation with preparation for every retort and comeback.   Later, you'll approach the person and as soon as you say how it made you feel, the other person apologises, or looks embarrassed. They may not acknowledge you w

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